Why Choose Oxford Royale?

For nearly two decades, we’ve given global students a taste of life around Oxford’s dreaming spires or Cambridge’s Mathematical Bridge. We’ve helped launch brilliant careers. And provided the market’s widest range of courses and an authentic university life. We’re the UK’s market leaders.

Inspired by the spires

Oxford, Cambridge, and Yale are the seats of prime ministers, presidents and princes. Nobel Prize geniuses and Oscar winners.

Walk the same corridors, read in libraries that spawned world-changing ideas, feel the history. Backed by our faculty staff, you’ll raise your game to new heights in illustrious surroundings.

An authentic experience

An all-round authentic taste of university life awaits. Yes, you’ll work hard. But you’ll make friendships that last a lifetime and take part in amazing enrichment activities. All overseen by our committed faculty. Above all, your future options will open up like a flower in the light.

Our academic programmes

How would you like to study Medical Biology under an Oxford-vaccine COVID scientist? Creative Writing from a published author? And all backed by our unique ORA Teaching Philosophy.

Whether you go traditional with Physics or Philosophy, or contemporary with Cryptocurrencies or FinTech, you’ll enjoy over 20 hours’ tuition a week from expert tutors.

Our enrichment programme

At Oxford Royale, we’re interested in creating well-rounded human beings, not square pegs. Beyond the classroom and lab, afternoon workshops will equip you with leadership, presentation, and debating skills.

You’ll learn from people like Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Sir Richard Dawkins, and Shami Chakrabati, NASA scientists, and Oxford academics working on anything from PTSD interventions to malaria-tracking in Africa.

You learn best when you’re happy, inspired, and having fun. So punt, soak up some Shakespeare, visit the Tower of London, or just laugh in the common room with friends.

Keeping you happy and safe

Your programme will be overseen by a highly experienced educational leader. They’ll ensure you’re safe and happy, with clear boundaries, so you can excel and achieve your goals.

Many of our highly trained Junior Deans and Counsellors return summer after summer to support you, bringing their first-hand experience of these prestigious institutions, arranging activities, and helping you get the most out of the glittering opportunities in front of you.

Start something amazing next summer.

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